Students will love the diverse offerings of Quebec City, they can get the same taste and feel of France without the trans-Atlantic flight. Quebec City and its regions are the cradle of North America and the gateway to a new world. The fortifications and museums make Quebec the most European of all the large cities in North America. Quebec City offers a truly enriching, rewarding and
enjoyable experience for those who wish to concentrate on something truly historic! A few of the choices include:

Musee de Fort features a sound and light show recreating Québec City's military history using an impressive model of the city as it was around 1750 and the latest audiovisual technology.

Fortifications of Quebec surround Old Québec and are close to 4.6 km in length. As students walk the walls, they will learn about the defense system of North America's only remaining fortified city.

Woodcarver’s Shop is where the ancient carvings of French Canada come alive.

Marie’s Bread Ovens will gives us a taste of bread baked in wood-filled ovens, topped with maple sugar.

Basilica Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupre has a chapel dedicated to Sainte Anne, mother of the virgin Mary.

Discovery Pavilion - Wolfe and Montcalm be the privileged spectators of a friendly confrontation between General Wolfe and General Montcalm, who will theatrically tell the story of the Siege of Quebec City. Participants will be dressed in period costumes.

Canada Odyssey Multi-Media Exhibition allows students to follow in the footsteps of the people who have lived here for over

400 years.

Guided Tour of the Citadelle which is constructed in the form of a star. This unique structure has been home to Royal 22nd regiment since 1920. This makes it the largest group of fortified buildings in North America, still occupied by troops.

Quebec's Vieux-Port Museum will illustrate why the lumber trade and shop construction played such an important part in the life

of the area.

Quartier Petit-Champlain, one of Lower Town's best-loved areas, this beautifully-restored collection of narrow streets and ancient stone buildings exemplifies the old-world charm. It is a lively place inhabited in the summer by musicians and street entertainers.

Place Royale is where Champlain erected his first fortified residence.

Observatoire de la Capitale allows students to observe the great city of Quebec from every direction from the 31st floor. The view is supplemented by the story of New France in miniature form.

Morrin Centre explains the history of English-speakers in Quebec and includes a visit to the jail cells.

Dance Cruise Aboard the Louis Joliet is where students can view the city from the river while dancing to modern music.

Les Galleries de la Capitale houses a combination of eating places, a shopping mall and an amusement Center.