Canada’s Capital combines many historic sites with the modern elegance of a big city, and you can be sure there is no shortage of things to do and attractions to visit. Located on the Ontario and Quebec border, in Ottawa, the French and English blend of cultures is evident at museums, galleries and historic sites. Participation in the arts is richly encouraged, and a performance at one of the many available venues will provide lasting memories as well as invaluable experience. Just a few exciting options for

performing are:


National Gallery of Canada has a large and varied collection of paintings, drawings, sculpture and photographs. Although its focus is on Canadian art, it holds works by many noted European artists.


Parliament Buildings these structures majestically represent our law making process. A performance indoors or among the beautifully landscaped grounds would be a memorable event for students and their appreciative audience.


Tulip Festival for over 60 years this springtime festival has attracted visitors from all over the world to view the multi coloured tulips that Canada has been receiving from Holland since World War II. A performance would help enhance the festivities which includes music in the streets, a Treasure Hunt and a Mad Hatter Tea Party.


Rideau Centre is Ottawa’s largest shopping mall located right downtown on the banks of the Rideau Canal. There are over 230 restaurants and stores.


St Patrick’s Cathedral this historic gothic structure was the first church to cater to the English speaking Catholic population starting in1855.


Museum of Science and Technology has a hands on approach to teaching the principles of technology. Students will enjoy permanent and travelling exhibits, as well as have a chance to participate in a workshop, view a demonstration, or attend a lecture.


Rideau Hall since 1867 it has been the residence of the Queen’s representative in Canada and home away from home for

visiting dignitaries.


While students are here visiting Ottawa, they can also attend a show at the National Arts Center besides presenting artistic productions, this building also contains many works of art, chandeliers, tapestries and doors that weigh 1 ton each.