Photo ciourtesy of Visit Orlando


This is the ‘Theme Park Capital of the World.’ Aside from theme parks and water parks, there are many museums, theaters, festivals and artistic venues. Orlando consistently ranks in the top ten vacation destinations in the USA. Just a few exciting options for performing are:


Walt Disney World offers a variety of programs and workshops for choirs, bands, individual vocal artists and orchestras. After the performance, the students will be exited to enjoy some time at this timeless, magical park.


Universal Orlando Resort ‘Stars Performance Program’ where students will have the unforgettable experience of performing to the delight of a large audience at this internationally known theme park.


Kennedy Space Center allows groups to perform outdoors, under the Florida sun or indoors at the Visitor Center. After the show, students will be able to experience interactive simulators, see live shows, and have up-close encounters with massive rockets and NASA astronauts. The Space Center features an IMAX theater, the Astronaut Hall of Fame, and several engaging attractions like

Exploration Space: Explorers Wanted.


Sea World offers student workshops to enhance the experience of their live performance in front of thousands of people. This opportunity will make students feel like true celebrities!


Fantasy of Flight where you can find out just about everything there is to know about aircraft from the early days of flight. Here, students can learn the details of the lives of pioneers who risked life and limb to realize their dreams of flight, to what it takes to reassemble an entire aircraft plus everything in between.


Old Town you will never want to leave, there is so much students can do here! Eat, shop and enjoy the rides after some time spent entertaining the audience.


Student may also enjoy performing at the many shopping malls, churches or retirement homes in the area, where the audiences are always appreciative of some good entertainment.