This is the city that almost defies description. Students would be hard pressed to identify the most positive aspect of this thriving cultural and culinary center. New Orleans is a celebration of French, Spanish and Cajun traditions. A place where students can hear Jazz, Blues, Rock and Roll and even Hip Hop at every turn when you walk along the cobblestone streets. Experience a traditional Fais-Do-Do where traditional Cajun dance, music and food can be enjoyed in a lively setting. There are many locations here where a memorable performance for student groups may be arranged. Just a few exciting options for performing are:


Destrehan Plantation the sands of Louisiana time seem to stand still for a moment here. This majestic antebellum home watches over the banks of the great Mississippi River. The Plantation was established in 1787 and remains the oldest documented plantation home in the lower Mississippi River Valley.


French Market which combines eating, shopping of every description and entertainment. This is America's oldest city. The market is open from sunup to sundown.


Contemporary Arts Center is home to bold experiments in painting, theatre, music, performance art, dance, photography, video, sculpture and more - all celebrating the art of now.


Aquarium of the Americas where students can see tiger sharks, moray eels, sting rays, horseshoe crabs, piranhas and black footed penguins. The aquarium is situated right on the Mississippi River. 


While we are here students won’t want to miss a Cajun Pride Swamp Tour where we will journey by boat, Cajun style, through the heart of South Louisiana’s swamp lands. Here, we will tour through the meandering bayous and into the past filled with daring exploits of pirates and Indians made famous through story and song, and a present filled with moss-draped plant life and the

creatures who make their home here.