Very few places can match the exciting and magical feeling that this historic city exudes. Montreal has it all - fine dining, great shopping, world class fine art, fascinating museums and sites where history was made, never to be forgotten. There is never a dull moment here! A performance by your group will be met by an appreciative audience no matter the location you choose. Just a few exciting options for performing are:


Notre Dame Basilica is a noble Gothic Revival structure dating back to 1823. Stained glass works display the religious history of Montreal, and it contains one of the most renowned pipe organs in the world. The evening sound and light performance ‘And Then There Was Light’ details the history of the Basilica in a breathtaking performance.


St Patrick’s Basilica has served as a vital link to the Irish Catholic community in Montreal, its interior is adorned with Fleur de Lis and shamrocks. D’Arcy McGee regularly attended service here.


St Joseph’s Oratory puts an emphasis on spirituality and music, encouraging young people to discover an affinity for music through concerts, performances and courses.


Christ Church Cathedral this neo-Gothic building stands in the heart of Montreal’s shopping district.


Montreal Museum of Fine Arts during the past 140 years this museum has assembled one of North America’s finest collections, totaling more than 30,000 objects. Here are exhibits including Canadian art, contemporary art, Inuit and Amerindian Art, European Masters, prints and drawings and decorative arts.


Centre de la Nature in Laval is a picturesque oasis situated in the middle of a bustling urban area. Plants and flowers for nature lovers, an observatory for astronomers and a farm for animal lovers can be found here!


Six Flags La Ronde is Canada’s second largest amusement park and is the home of the largest double tracked roller coaster in the world, as well as the world’s oldest merry-go-round. After your group’s performance, there will be plenty to do!


Performances may also be arranged at one of Montreal’s many museums or retirement homes where the residents really look forward to the entertainment.