The Battle of Gettysburg, was fought July 1–3, 1863, in and around the town of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. It was the battle with

the largest number of casualties in the American Civil War and is often described as the war's turning point. The Union victory that ended General Robert E. Lee's second and most ambitious invasion of the North. Often referred to as the "High Water Mark of

the Rebellion". It was also the inspiration for President Abraham Lincoln's immortal "Gettysburg Address". A few of the

choices include:

Mr Getty Presents the award winning one man show where the events of President Lincoln’s life are heard, as told by the man himself. Topics covered include experiences during his youth which shaped the man, to the reasoning behind the many hard decisions that had to make in his final years.

Battle Theater a comprehensive 30 minute multi media presentation of the Battle of Gettysburg and the days leading up to it.

Guided Gettysburg Coach Tour a licensed professional Battlefield Guide will offer a new perspective of the conflict, and will tour major battlefield sites such as Little Round Top and Devil’s Glen.

Grave Diggers Tour after the battle, Gettysburg was a picture of desolation, devastation and death in its ghastliest and most abhorrent form. Follow the "diggers" as they take students on an unforgettable experience recalling first hand accounts of the soldiers and citizens that had to clean up the mess of 8,000 dead soldiers, 27,000 wounded and over 5,000 dead horses!

Arlington Cemetery holds the remains of 175,000 American soldiers who fought for their country,from the Revolutionary War to present time.

Lee's House dominates the view directly above Arlington Cemetery. Originally it was the house of Robert E. Lee prior to the

Civil War.

Ford’s Theatre where President Lincoln was shot by John Wilkes Booth.

Petersen House located across the street from Ford’s Theater, this is where the President was taken after he was shot, and is where he succumbed to his injuries.

Manassas Battlefield Park the scene of two major Civil War Battles, First and Second Manassas (Bull Run). The Visitor's Center has audio visual presentations and an electric map which describes both battles in detail. In Richmond, Virginia, the original trenches have been preserved as an historical site and lie untouched.



All the choices for Washington are available for this destination as well.